Time Passages


Longtime residents of the Spring Lake community, the Rhem family donated the sculpture “Time Passages.” It was placed at the northeast corner of North Lake and Lakeside Trail.

“I heard Spring Lake was looking for sculptures to add to their ‘Art in the Park’ initiative, so I called the village to see if they would be interested in putting our family’s sculpture on display,” says David Rhem.

The sculpture initially lived in the Rhems’ front yard and belonged to Nancy Rhem and her husband, the late Richard Rhem, who was an active member of the community and minister at Christ Community Church. The Rhem family wanted to honor his legacy by placing the sculpture in the village for everyone to see and enjoy.

“Time Passages” was created by Billy Mayer, the well-known artist and Hope College professor who died in 2017. It was named by Nancy and Richard’s son, David.

“We weren’t able to find the original sculpture title, so I named it ‘Time Passages’ because the sculpture looks like a grandfather clock when it is in motion, and people will pass by the work of art while walking along the trail,” says David.