Moonsail Mural By Jimmy Cobb


This mural is located on the west side of the Spring Lake Fine Wines & Spirits building overlooking M-104 and Lake Avenue. It was commissioned by Spring Lake Fire Wines & Spirits.

About the Artist

Jimmy Cobb graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD), and has paintings on display at MIAD. In Michigan, Cobb has murals painted all around Muskegon County. Each mural is similarly contrasted to his ArtPrize pieces, in which he heavily draws inspiration from the Great Lakes state and its surrounding waters, and the natural environments and wildlife. Cobb is also a sculptor who explores the concept and connectivity in his figurative descriptions of nature and its inhabitants. Cobb is driven by the varying mediums of painting and became interested in branching out into territories unknown and becoming more diversified in his practices. His murals and paintings demonstrate a spectrum of dissimilar forms, all creating a blend of symmetry of the waters between Michigan and Milwaukee and their natural environments. To find Cobb’s murals, visit

About the Mural

From Jimmy: Moonsail reminds me of the feeling of the lake just after dusk. While boats and birds cruise on the settling warm air of the day, we near silently reflect on the beauty and the pace of what it means to be part of the lake.