Together By Liv Butler


Gary & Michelle Hanks had wanted a mural to represent Seven Steps Up as the inclusive venue that it was, welcoming everyone. They had wanted a high school student to do the artwork. So on behalf of the Village and our Art in the Park program, I contacted Jennifer Gwinnup from SLHS and asked her to encourage her art students to enter submissions to paint the mural. The ask from Gary & Michelle was for the artist to show how music and art work together to bridge our differences. Five of Jen’s students submitted and Gary & Michelle said they knew Liv’s was it as soon as they saw it. At the same time they were so impressed by the other four students they wanted to see all become murals. So did the Village. Liv was given the job with the only requirement being that she add the lyric from an Alternative Routes song, “We are how we treat each other and nothing more.” The other four students were given another canvas at the west entrance to Spring Lake Village’s Central Park.

All murals were underwritten by our Art in the Park Program.