Embrace Each Other Mural By Haley Bronan


The mural was Brosnan’s first artwork on a large scale. She was excited about the challenge and the opportunity to spread a positive message in the community through her art.

“It’s really exciting,” says Brosnan. “I’m so happy that we get to have a piece of art that’s immortalized in the place where we grew up. There’s a daycare that comes down here every day, and the kids see us working on them. They have been like, ‘Oh, I want to do art now.’ They’ve talked to us about that.”

Her love of art comes from her dad. He has been encouraging her creativity since she was little. Her earliest memories of making art were drawing with crayons on their kitchen floor with her dad. Together, they filled it all up by the end of every week, just to start over again the next week.

“I continued drawing throughout middle school and later expanded to painting in high school, which is where I really found my passion,” she says