Rent.Fun Kayak Rental Kiosk


Tanglefoot Park has a new activity to offer residents and visitors – self-service kayak rental kiosks.

Last spring, the Village was approached by the company Rent.Fun since the Village is surrounded by water including the Grand River and Spring Lake. Tanglefoot Park’s renovation includes a universally accessible kayak launch which would be a great spot for kayak rentals.

“If you’re a kayaker like me, kayaks can be big, heavy, and hard to transport if you don’t have the right setup,’ said Stefanie Herder, Director of the Village of Spring Lake’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA). “This gives a no-hassle way to rent a kayak and it is conveniently located next to an easy-to-use kayak launch for all.”

It’s $5 to unlock via the app and $20 per hour to rent a kayak complete with a paddle and floatation device.

“Tanglefoot Park is located within the Village of Spring Lake’s DDA district as well as our Social District. We want folks to spend time at Tanglefoot Park and then make their way to one of our local businesses for dining, shopping, and more. This is just one more way to attract residents and visitors to the Village,” said Herder.

Tanglefoot Park offers other amenities including a pavilion, bathrooms, splash pad, outdoor fireplace, transient & seasonal docks, a mural, and more. The $3.5 million dollar project completed in June of 2022 was funded by private donations, grants, and the Downtown Development Authority. Tanglefoot Park was awarded the Best Placemaking Project Over $1 million by the Michigan Downtowns Association in November of last year.

The Rent.Fun kayak kiosks are now operational and are ready for kayakers of all levels.