Rycenga Park


Rycenga Park is located in both Spring Lake Township and Fruitport Township along Hemlock Road. The park was developed by Spring Lake Township on 40 acres gifted to the Township by Louis & Charles Rycenga. The other 40 acres of the park are leased to the Township by Fruitport Community Schools. The park receives a substantial amount of use from Spring Lake and Fruitport Township residents. Facilities at Rycenga Park include baseball and softball diamonds, covered picnic areas, nature trails, playgrounds, and soccer fields. Rycenga Park also hosts a variety of events for children such as the Great Lakes Soccer League and high school Cross Country trail runs. Rycenga Park is also located on the 12-mile community bike path that goes around Spring Lake, making the park easily and safely accessible by pedestrians and bicyclists.

Although the Park is located outside the boundaries of Spring Lake Township, it is maintained by the Township. The Township’s investment in Rycenga Park demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the recreational opportunities for Township residents.

Rycenga Park Shelter Reservations